The Beginning of Sown and Wild

The Beginning of Sown and Wild

As we start 2023, I wanted to take time to reflect and acknowledge on what was achieved in 2022. 

'The Beginning of Sown and Wild'

It all escalated quite quickly from October 3rd, simply starting from a trial of making dried flower wreaths. We had a beautiful summer, resulting in an abundance of grown and foraged flowers and foliage. I had filled all my vases, pots and now I was taking up room drying flowers from the ceiling, radiators, any hook I could find in the house. A running joke in our house.

So I started creating, and simply fell in love with designing and making dried flower wreaths, bouquets, window hoops and vase arrangements. From the first idea of having my own business to setting up instagram and facebook accounts, etsy stores, and contacting shops was only a few weeks, and as a result Sown and Wild was born. 

My first few orders came in, and emails started coming back for potential stockist opportunities. By mid November I had markets booked every weekend on the lead to Christmas, and most importantly, I had my little side kick, my daughter Eva along for the ride with me. 

During November we also started organising the incredible new artisan market in Rogerstone, Crafty Rebels. A collaboration with Tiny Rebel Brewery, but we'll save this for another blog.

So I am now a stockist in 3 stores, Bee Kind Risca and Sero Zero Waste in Tredegar which are incredible eco friendly stores in Wales. Promoting sustainable living, eco friendly products and ways to reuse and rethink about the way we buy. I also crossed the bridge to England, becoming a stockist in East St Emporium, in Bedminster. Quite simply the most beautiful emporium you can imagine, filled with incredible small businesses. How lucky can I be to be a part of all these amazing places, and meeting such amazing people on the way. 

Between organising what to sell at markets, in these beautiful shops, I also started creating wreaths to sell at Pinewood Christmas Trees in Draethen. We all know that wreaths are not just for Christmas, but what an opportunity to join such an amazing team and location. You must pay a visit in 2023. 

By the end of November, I had also organised two Wreath Workshops to spread some Christmas cheer - one in the Masons Arms in Marshfield, Cardiff and the other in East St Emporium, Bristol. Both incredibly rewarding workshops, in fabulous venues attended by so many wonderful women who all shared a love for creating.

December was a blur, it went by in a flash - the quickest yet - not just etsy orders but bespoke orders - a dream come true. I had to pinch myself daily, is this all real? A slight uphill struggle with postal strikes and ensuring items arrived on time, but we overcame any hurdles and all the orders were complete and sent by December 23rd. 

December also bought about an incredibly exciting collaboration with Bug and Bay Designs, and the start of an eco friendly wedding adventure. Watch this space. 

Christmas eve onwards was family time, reflection time, regular midwifery job time, and planning time. Planning for 2023 with a mix of excitement and nerves, but mainly excitement. What will it bring, keep a look out for the next blog for more adventures of Sown and Wild.


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