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The Scented Gift Set

The Scented Gift Set

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The Scented Gift Set

Sown and Wild, and Ynys Aroma have collaborated to bring you a perfect gift set for someone special. Each gift set includes a candle, dried flower mini bouquet and the option to add a hand written, plantable card. Each item is wrapped and packaged carefully in shredded paper, and sent directly to your recipient so you don’t have to do a thing.

Sown and Wild

The dried flower mini bouquets are handmade by Chloe, at Sown and Wild. Each bouquet will include a selection of pampas, daisies, bunny tails, eucalyptus, broom bloom, achillea and sea lavender. Each delicately wrapped in acid free tissue paper, and finished with twine. Fully sustainable and eco-friendly.

Ynys Aroma

Ynys Aroma products are hand blended with pure essential oils and sustainably sourced ingredients to boost your wellbeing, to create an impact and to make you feel good. Louise is a qualified aromatherapist, taking inspiration from elements and themes of nature, and how they make you feel to replicate that feeling through the blending of essential oils.

Each gift set includes a candle of your choice.

Inhale – this purifying blend combines classic decongestants to clear your mind and enliven your senses. Inhale feels like your first deep lungful of cool, crisp air in the early morning. The punchy pairing of peppermint and eucalyptus is balanced by sweet, citrusy lemongrass, cleansing your space as well as your sinuses.

Sea – sharp and zesty citrus shines atop a fresh wave of rosemary, activating your brain and bringing you into focus. An earthy cedarwood base rounds off the uplifting blend of essential oils, encapsulating the refreshing effects of the sea and transporting you straight there.

Hapus – Send a ray of dazzling sunshine through your home. Sweet orange is the aroma of pure happiness, and has properties which have been proven to uplift mood. Hapus is mouth-watering, mood boosting and so zesty.

Simply select your candle, and add a card at checkout if you're sending as a gift. Then leave your message and the details for who you wish to send this beautiful gift too, and we will do the rest.

*Please note – dried flowers can last months, so long as they’re looked after well, for example, handed with care, out of direct sunlight and away from water and humidity. Some will naturally fade over time. They can collect dust, to remove you can try a hairdryer on a cool, slow setting. Each gift set comes with these suggestions.

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