Part One - How to Create a Dried Flower Wreath

Part One - How to Create a Dried Flower Wreath

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This is part one of Wonder & Wild’s three part series, how to create your own dried flower arrangements, and this week I will be guiding you in creating a wreath.

As the days are getting longer, slightly warmer and brighter, it felt like the perfect time to offer you some inspiration in getting creative and crafting your own dried flower arrangement. As you are aware, I have all the equipment you need in our DIY Kits, but this is here as a little extra guidance for you.

The skills you will learn from this blog can be applied to all types of wreaths, for example, for a fresh, dried or artificial wreath. At this time of year, not many flowers have bloomed yet, so dried flowers offer that chance to practice your creativity before everything is in full bloom.

The guidance below focuses on dried flower wreaths, so the difference with a fresh wreath is that you want to ensure you have a moss base. This will be the source of water for the fresh foliage and flowers, so make sure you add this to the wreath base if you want to create a living wreath and ensure it is watered regularly to keep the wreath staying fresh for as long as possible.

To create a wreath you will need the following

  • A wreath base,
  • Twine,
  • Dried flowers and foliage,
  • Ribbon,
  • Wreath hanger.

The process of making your wreath is rather simple, and actually a really great craft to inspire you to start getting creative. Firstly, you need to prepare your stems by cutting them to approximately 4 inches in length and prune any unwanted leaves.

With a selection of dried flowers and foliage, either from our DIY Kit, or from those you have foraged, grown or purchased, you want to create mini bunches tied with the twine to secure to the wreath frame base. The bunches can differ and you want to create a fan like bunch, to ensure the outer, inner and middle of the wreath base is covered when you secure it.

Securing the bunches in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction, place the bunches of flowers and foliage on the wreath base and tie with twine. Placing one bunch at a time onto the frame, then overlapping the next bunch over the previous stems. Repeat this step until you cover your whole wreath base, equally if you are planning a crescent styled wreath then stop when you are happy with the shape of the wreath.

To finish the wreath, tidy up any stems which look out of place by cutting them back, and use the ribbon or twine to finish the design depending on your style.

It is as simple as that, and the more you try this, the easier it will become. To start with you will very much feel like it can be a little fiddly, but once you’ve finished your wreath, it will be worth it. You can then hang your wreath on your front door or in your home, and await all the compliments that will come your way.

Next time at Wonder & Wild, part two of this series will guide you in making a dried flower crown. Don’t forget to tag @sown_and_wild in all your lovely creations.

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