Why choose dried wedding flowers?

Why choose dried wedding flowers?

Why choose dried wedding flowers?

As you know, I would be rather biased on this topic, yet I do love all forms of flowers, whether these are fresh, dried or preserved. During the planning of your wedding day, choosing flowers is a crucial element to setting the style, tone and feel of your day. There are so many options, and an increasingly popular choice is dried or preserved flowers. The main beauty of dried flowers, as you’ll already know, is the longevity of the blooms. A timeless beauty.


When dried flowers are looked after correctly - out of direct sunlight, away from humidity and water, kept cool – they can last for months, if not years. I personally have wreaths and bouquets in my home, which I have had for years. So the flowers on your wedding day are not just for one day, they can serve as a physical memory of that day for years to come, and this is not just for you, but potentially for your guests too.

Planet Positive

In terms of planet positive weddings and minimal wastage, which is at the forefront for many of us in life, in weddings and so on. There is the potential to gift the table centers, bridesmaid bouquets, and other wedding decor to your guests at the end of the wedding, of which then reduces wastage.

Furthermore, dried flowers are also a perfect choice for environmentally conscious couples. As unlike fresh flowers which require cultivation, transporting and keeping refrigerated, dried flowers are naturally preserved, and require minimal effort to maintain their beauty for the day and thereafter. The beauty of each stem will also maintain structure and not wilt in hot conditions, so win win all round.


A rather exciting, and unexpected additional joy of dried flowers for us hay fever sufferers, is that dried flowers do not contain pollen and thus not triggering pollen allergies. When flowers go through the drying or preserving process, they lose their pollen and become everlasting versions of their fresh selves. So for those suffering from hay fever this could be a wonderful option, avoiding those itchy eyes and sniffly noses on your wedding day.

Unlimited Choices

The choices with dried flowers is endless, with an array of options not only in variety but also colour, textures and shapes. They can either be left in their natural colour, or dyed to suit a variety of colour palettes. Whether your wedding style is bohemian, rustic or classic, dried flowers are so versatile that they will compliment any style or preference. Furthermore, the stress of planning a wedding around seasonal availability does not exist with dried or preserved flowers, as they are all available all year round.

So whether you are drawn to the timeless beauty, the sustainability, avoiding those annoying allergies, or it is your personal preference, dried flowers will not disappoint. The perfect floral element to your special day, an eco-friendly beauty that lasts not just in your memories.

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