Your Wedding Planning

Your Wedding Planning

Your Wedding Planning

So you now know so much about dried flowers – from how to dry them and the meanings behind flowers, to why you should choose these for your wedding, décor, gifts and even ways of preserving your flowers forever. So with all these benefits in mind, why wouldn’t you choose dried flowers?

Now to make this even more beneficial to you, I am going to explain how best to plan for your wedding in terms of the process of planning and ordering your dried flowers.

Weddings can be as exciting to plan as they are stressful, and it’s not my intention to highlight any negatives here, yet when it comes to weddings I feel the best way to start the planning is by having an understanding of the processes and ways businesses work. This information can help guide you with timings, for example, when to email your florist for that first consultation, and take away those stressors around what to do and when.

So when do you make that first contact? Quite simply as soon as you can, and this is purely to avoid disappointment. Wedding florists can be booked up years in advance, and so to ensure you don’t miss out, email or call as soon as you can. Now this is not to say that making contact months in advance can result in your wedding date being booked already, as sometimes you can strike gold, and as we know more individuals are planning smaller weddings in less time. So just make contact as soon as you have a date confirmed.

It is not uncommon to pay a deposit to secure a wedding date with your favourite florist, and once this is done and your date is secured you can start the exciting part. The planning process.

Planning can take place via calls, zoom meetings or in person, and the key here is face to face, you want to meet and get to know each other’s zibes to help ensure your personality and individuality as a couple is infused in your floral pieces. Also during these meetings it is really important to not only discuss dried flowers, but also your budget and your priorities, and this helps to ensure you have a positive, memorable experience in the planning of your wedding day.

You do not need to know the names of flowers, bouquet designs, and décor ideas. I always advise trying to find some inspiration in images to help guide your florist in knowing what style, colour combinations and themes you are gravitating towards. The knowledge and terms are things we know, so don’t worry about knowing flower names.

The amount of times you meet your florist will depend on the size of your wedding, and your personal preference, yet ensuring you have up to date contact information will help ease any worries about those last minute changes or finalising those details. On the day of your wedding, having had those opportunities to discuss the details of timings and having had that positive planning experience, you will know you can sit back and relax knowing all is in hand.

Planning your wedding flowers is more than flowers, it is about those small and big details coming together perfectly. It is about making positive memories on your special day, and in the lead up to it so you will always look back on that experience fondly.

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