Wonder & Wild - Flower Preservation

Wonder & Wild - Flower Preservation

In this weeks 'Wonder & Wild' blog I wanted to focus on flower preservation, and processes involved. Dried and preserved flowers differ in many ways, and this comes down to the process in which they are produced. Both dried and preserved flowers originate from fresh, they are picked at their best and pruned to their required look.

There are similarities, and to name a few these present in their longevity, sustainability and beauty, of course.

The process for drying flowers simply involves hanging the stems upside down in a cool, dark room. By hanging them upside down, the stems are more likely to be straight and maintain their form to aid arranging them. This also allows the air to circulate the stems, this with the coolness limits mildew and mold developing.

Dried flowers are typically more stiff, and brittle in comparison to a preserved flower, yet equally they present with a natural beauty. Preserved flowers are often mistaken for their similarity to a fresh flower, they are soft to touch and durable, and this is due to the preservation process.

Preserving a flower differs as it goes through a chemical preservation process, and its important to highlight this uses special non – toxic and non – corrosive chemicals. These chemicals draw out the water content from the fresh flowers and all the other elements which cause fresh flowers to have a short lifespan, such as proteins and sugars.

Not all fresh flowers can withstand this process, only the stronger varieties are used. These flowers then undergo a rehydration process with glycerin and other plant elements, until it completely substitutes the sap and gives the flower or stems their shape. They can also be introduced to different pigments and scents and after just a few days, these are ready for use.

Examples of flowers which can be preserved are eucalyptus, roses and hydrangeas, and they are simply beautiful. They bring a enhanced beauty to any arrangement, such as a brides bouquet or floral crown. Yet both dried and preserved work beautifully together at creating flower arrangements which are exceptional on the day, and for years after.

Check in next time to learn how to care for these flowers.

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