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This simple everlasting and eco-friendly dried flower bouquet would look beautiful in a vase or styled in a contemporary fireplace.

Dried flowers and foliage include eucalyptus cinerea, gypsophila, cream pampas, mischanthus sin, brown pampas, susuki japanese pampas and preserved solidago natural brown tied with jute string and presented in brown paper and raffia.

Fully sustainable.

Handmade by Chloe, founder of Sown and Wild in Wales.

Dried flower arrangements can last months, so long as they're looked after well, for example, handled with care, out of direct sunlight and away from water and humidity. Some will naturally fade over time. They can collect dust, to remove you can try a hair drier on a cool, slow setting.

**Please note these bouquets are to order, so will be very similar but not exactly the same as the photos. There may be slight variation in colour and foliage used, depending on the availability of the item

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